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Furniture fittings

Thus, furniture fittings represent a whole system of materials, mechanisms and devices for the production and assembly of furniture. The range is incredibly large. It is usually divided into a fastening and a front one. The front fittings mainly include decorative elements that give the furniture a finished look. Here you can note the closing corners, plugs, moldings and furniture baseboards. The fasteners are responsible for the fasteners and the connection of various furniture elements. Brackets, locks, hinges — all this serves as a fastening tool. In addition, both groups are also classified according to different types, subspecies and characteristics, starting from the type of attachment and ending with the shape and material of the product.


We never promise what we can't do.;

Our clients are craftsmen who work for their own pleasure, small industries, local brands, as well as large factories, manufactures and cartels that produce goods in wide ranges.

individual work with each client;

You sew bags, briefcases, reticules, suitcases, purses, housekeepers, make knives or stationery such as folders, organizers and writing supplies, dog collars or horse harnesses,

timely response to new trends in the development of the consumer market;

The constant search for new things, tracking trends in the fashion market in the field of accessories – expands our horizons, horizons and, as a result, the range.

continuous expansion and improvement of production.

Customers are given a really great choice! Our showroom on Zvezdny Boulevard is a place where you can spend more than one hour looking at the exposition. The showroom staff is ready and happy to answer all customer questions.